Our vocation is to accompany our customers in the development of their new products from plan to industrial production.

Innovation Development

Your current project is your profit for tomorrow. That is the reason why we commit to accompany your team through all the steps in your project.
We propose:

Throughout this procedure, we assure traceability to provide robustness and durability to your project.


Zero pollution

Quality in the respect of environment

Textile fibers treatment, realized in aqueous phase, requires big amounts of water, from 20 to 80 liters for 1 kilogram fibers.
With support of the Agence de l'Eau Artois Picardie, we have equiped our production unit with a effluents treatment by evaporation with steam mechanical compression.
Effluents are cleansed and the water is re-used for the next productions. The necessary complement to compensate for the losses with natural evaporation during the process is assured by rainy waters recovery. The production unit is so totally autonomous, both in supply and in purification.

This process, assuring a zero reject in the natural environment, guarantees the perpetuity of our activities in front of constraints always stronger with European water regulations.